Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Doodle Dummmmmp

A sketch dump from the last two months.

Two weeks ago I went to the FUN. Concert at the Paramount in Seattle, which is a great venue comapared to the tin-can Arena last year with the Gorillaz last year. (A band I had been waiting to see for a decade.). FUN. was my first experience sketching at a concert. Try it for yourself. It's enjoyable. 

Muppet versions of my cinematic senior project team, with the last one of my by Nnenna.  In order of appearance Nnenna ( Tyler ( Laura ( and Dan (

Some cafe drawing from around school and Redmond. Models include: Brandon Orden (environment artist! Parker Pierce (flash animator  Laura Borgen ( and Teng Xinling ( from DigiPen.

And lastly, I present to you a tribute to Jeffrey the little T Rex created by my friends Eddie and Laura ( and

The set up is simple:  "Little Jeffery FUCKIN' LOVES ________!" And you let your imagination take you where ever. Get your own template here:

Bradon Orden and another DigiPen student did this one Tyler and I did the one below.

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